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nullzwei_studios is a three-studio complex to produce – record, mix and master music. It is the home of producer Olman V. Wiebe and Fabian Eichstaedt. There is a big collection of well selected analogue gear, as well as the latest digital stuff.
People say this is a lovely place to stay.
The location is right by the Stadtpark in Hamburg – Germany, City Nord.

Olman V. Wiebe

Regie I – the hertzwerk room –
Work: Mastering, Mixing, Producing
and Songwriting.


Fabian Eichstaedt

Regie II – the container music room –
Work: Nu Wave Techno –
Producing and Mixing.


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Regie I   olman@hertzwerk.de
Regie II   fabianeichstaedt@gmail.com


Mexikoring 33
22297 Hamburg – Germany

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